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Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)

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Katherine Eddens, PhD

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Christina Studts, PhD

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Corrine Williams, ScD, MS


Asthma disproportionately affects rural minority children and is the leading reason for all school absences in our nation. Breathe Easy Mississippi is a multi-level intervention designed to improve long term control of asthma in youth. Breathe Easy Mississippi components include: 1) Home Visits by asthma counselors to identify asthma triggers and remediate the child’s environment, and 2) School Based Curriculum (Asthma Education) to promote ideal asthma management knowledge and foster more effective relationships between children, parents, healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals. Breathe Easy Mississippi will be implemented in a total of six schools that make up the entire elementary school district in Sunflower County, Mississippi. More specifically, BEM aims to address individual and family factors through asthma education and provision of resources, environmental factors in the home through assessment and remediation, and social and institutional factors through school-based education, campaigns, and asthma action planning. Each of these intervention components are proven to address asthma risks. The scope of this program’s impact will be measureable at the individual, family, institutional, and population level.

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