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Master of Arts (MA)

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Master's Thesis


Communication and Information



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Dr. Kyra Hunting


Gender-based violence is pervasive across many television shows that are targeted toward a variety of audiences and cover a range of genres and settings, yet there is a dearth of literature regarding gender violence in fictional television drama series and how female audiences interpret and react to the depictions of gender violence in those programs. For this study, I spoke with 13 women about their experiences viewing programs with depictions of gender violence. The data was analyzed qualitatively using a phronetic iterative approach and demonstrates why these women watch these shows, what affective responses they have, and how they interpret the shows within a broader, societal context. Theoretical implications are offered for transportation, therapeutic catharsis, resonance and perceived risk, and eudaimonic gratifications. Practical implications are suggested for those who work on television drama series, including suggestions and desires from the individuals who were interviewed themselves.

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