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An electrically small radiator structure for radiating electromagnetic waves having an electrical size, k*a, with a value less than π/2 and above π/20,000 and configured to have at least a first and second magnetic, or electric, dipole element. Dipole elements are preferably oriented such that a source-associated standing energy value for the structure, or Wds(tR), is low, Radiative Q value preferably less than (k*a)3; and each of the elements, whether paired with respective electric dipole elements, is in electrical communication through a feed circuit to at least one power source. Further, a first dipole pair (or element) oriented orthogonally with respect to a second pair (or element) are in voltage phase-quadrature; the structure is operational at a frequency below 5 GHz; and dipole moments oriented such that the following is generally satisfied: a divergence of the Poynting vector of the pairs with respect to retarded time, namely ∇|t R ·N, has a value less than 1.0. Also, a method of producing electromagnetic waves using an electrically small radiator structure, including configuring the structure to have at least a first and second pair of dipole moments and an electrical size, k*a, with a value less than π/2 and above π/20,000; and powering a first feed area of the first pair and a second feed area of the second pair with at least one source operating at a frequency to radiate the waves.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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