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An apparatus for the monitoring of a column chromatography separation process includes a segmented column with a seal positioned at the joint defined by the segments of the column. A connector is provided for connecting the segments of the column together. The apparatus further includes a sensor for monitoring an analyte in an eluant within a separation zone of the column. The sensor includes a mesh grid made of optical fibers or metal wires which is placed so as to extend through the separation zone of the column. The metal wires or optical fibers extend through the seal of the joint in the segmented column and connect to signal processing and data analysis equipment for purposes of monitoring the movements and concentration of an analyte in an eluant at various locations within the column. Certain segments of the optical fibers or metal wires which make up the mesh grid are coated so as to be desensitized and other segments are uncoated for sensing the analyte. This provides an effective apparatus to monitor in detail the cross-section of a column chromatography process in-situ.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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