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Devices and methods for cutaneous delivery of a composition are provided, wherein the composition is passed through an ordered nanoporous membrane in fluid communication with a reservoir. The nanoporous membrane includes a plurality of aligned hollow nanotubules coated with a continuous polymer matrix, and etched to open the plurality of hollow nanotubules and form pores. In one embodiment, the etching step oxidizes an end of the nanotubules to form carboxylate groups. The ordered nanoporous membrane further includes at least one additional functional unit bound to the carboxylate groups. The at least one additional functional unit selectively exposes or at least partially occludes the pore of an adjacent nanotubule, thereby controlling flux rate through the membrane. In one embodiment, application of an electrical impulse to the membrane causes the at least one additional functional unit to selectively expose or at least partially occlude the pore.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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