Using cold rolling, we plastically deform AA6061 sheets at room temperature and investigate the variations of the microstructures, textures and local deformation of the cold-rolled AA6061 sheets as functions of thickness reduction (Δt/t0, t0 and t are the thicknesses of the AA6061 sheet before and after the cold rolling, respectively). The volume fraction of total deformation texture is relatively independent of the thickness reduction for Δt/t0 ≤ 30%, and becomes an approximately linearly increasing function of the thickness reduction for Δt/t0 > 30%. Increasing the thickness reduction causes the increase of the Vickers hardness of the cross-section of the cold-rolled sheets, which exhibits a similar increase trend to the volume fraction of total deformation texture for Δt/t0 > 30%. A simple relation between the Vickers hardness and the thickness reduction is established and is used to curve-fit the experimental results.

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Published in Materials, v. 11, issue 10, 1866, p. 1-11.

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D.Z. is grateful for the support from China Scholarship Council. W.L. is grateful for the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51301118, 51175363).