Theme Frequency (Out of 362 responses) Example of participant response
Mastery experience 92 “Try to make home exercises that I have observed them successfully perform within the therapy session.”

“Select exercises they can perform confident and successfully over time during visits; begin with 1 simple exercise to begin.”

Verbal/social persuasion 62 “Provide encouragement.”

“Reinstruct as needed.”

“Bring a family member in to help.”

“…will follow up 24 hours later by email/phone.”

Vicarious experience 19 “I demonstrate a successful completion.”

“…give written material with pictures and a web address for videos.”

Physiological state 12 “Prioritize based on symptom management.”

“Teach them how specific exercises can effect them.”

“Emphasis that they CANNOT do any harm that movement is good, they are not hurting anything.”
Other 177 “I may change visit frequency or modify number/type of exercises prescribed for home.”

“Limit the number of exercises.”

“Modify home exercise program in order for them to complete it on a regular basis, such as number of exercises, per day, work schedule, family demands.”

“Observe patient problem solve.”
“Make sure it can be completed with available or no equipment.”
“2 week home exercise program trial to assess success.”