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An electrostatic separation apparatus includes of a plurality of separators is provided for separating a particle mixture into two constituent species. Each separator includes one and preferably a plurality of modular separation stages. Each stage of the separator includes a pair of separation subchambers each having an electric field zone for drawing selected charged particles from the particle mixture. A curtain gas flow is provided for each subchamber to entrain and carry the selected charged particles drawn from the particle mixture in the electric field zone to a collector associated with each subchamber for recovery. The inlets for the particle mixture and curtain gas flows are adapted to straighten and smooth the respective flows to reduce turbulence in the separation subchambers and improve separation efficiency. The particle flow remaining after the first separation stage passes through an outlet to a second stage, a recycle line, or if further separation is deemed unnecessary, to a collection device for recovery. The apparatus may include a plurality of single or multistage separators arranged in parallel such that simultaneous operation is possible. Further, the apparatus may be included as part of an overall separation system.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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