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February 21, 1974 – February 15, 2016

  • Ragine St. James aka Richard D. Moore was born February 21st, 1974 in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • St. James attended The Youth Performing Art School DuPoint Manual High School and the Donta Hair School where he became a Licensed Master Hair stylist.
  • He was a Singer Poet, make-up Artist, a Dancer, a Recording Artist, an Actor, best known for his role in "The Little Shop of Horror," "In Love with Tyrone," and "Love Shouldn't Hurt," plays in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • During the early 2000's Ragine auditioned for cast member at the Club 141 in Lexington, Kentucky and became the "Dancing Diva" for 141 Drag Show. Also winning a lot of local & state pageants
  • He has 1 biological son Robert Decker and many gay children throughout Kentucky.

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