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A support beam is formed of two wooden members held in spaced relation to each other by spaced blocks to provide openings to receive tobacco sticks with tobacco stalks thereon. Each end of the support beam has a longitudinal slot extending therethrough to enable a cable, which is attached to a rafter in the upper end of the barn, to extend therethrough. The lower end of each cable has a loop for attachment to a drum of a hoist mechanism, which has a portion bearing against the bottom surface of the support beam. The support beam has a depending projection spaced inwardly from each end to limit the outward movement of each of the hoist mechanisms. The drum of each of the hoist mechanisms is rotated separately to enable the support beam to be raised upwardly into the barn at an angle to clear rail supports on which the support beam is supported. The support beam may be removed from the barn rail supports by the drums of the two hoist mechanisms again being connected to the looped ends of the cables and engaging the bottom surface of the support beam to lift it from the barn rail supports and then tilt it prior to lowering it to the ground.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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