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An apparatus for regenerating compacted soil in reclaim surface mining lands is provided. The apparatus includes an auger rotatably mounted above and forward of the blade of an earthmover, such as a bulldozer. The auger is longer than the blade and is mounted such that it extends substantially beyond one side of the blade. Adjacent this extension, a controllable lateral baffle is mounted for selectively adjusting a transverse dimension of the blade. In operation, compacted soil is collected by the blade until it reaches the auger. The auger then decompacts, transversely displaces, and deposits the soil relative to the blade, thereby creating a decompacted rooting layer that is ideal for planting. The lateral baffle may be selectively adjusted during operation to control the level of deposition of decompacted soil to provide a substantially level berm. A method of soil regeneration using the apparatus of the present invention is also disclosed.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, Ky.

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