The objective of this study was to develop and evaluate the physicochemical and functional properties of a bean like product made from cold extrusion of sorghum, soy and wheat flours. Formulated samples comprised of sorghum (25–70%), wheat (0–35%) and soy (30–50%) flours. The degree of gelatinization ranged from 54.1 to 93.6%. Pasting curves showed minimal starch damage with peak and final viscosities in the range of 456.0–1138.5 and 297–584 cP, respectively. Textural properties of the extrudates were significantly impacted by starch content and cooking time. There was significant cooking loss due to poor binding properties of the extrudates. Cooking the product for 30 min after 2 h soaking gave comparable hardness to cooked navy bean. Texture profile analysis showed that mostly starch-based ingredients contributed to hardness and cohesiveness, while formulations high in protein showed increased adhesiveness and gumminess.

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Published in Journal of Food Process Engineering, v. 40, issue 2, e12401, p. 1-14.

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The authors would like to thank Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission and the International Science Education (ISE) program of the United States Department of Agriculture for funding support.