A transient model to predict temperature within a tunnel ventilated broiler house during misting is developed. The model is calibrated with field data to obtain steady-state constants; transient predictions are compared to measured temperatures during cyclic misting for two different size birds. Measured temperatures during cyclic misting are shown to swing between steady-state asymptotes predicted from the model. Transient response of the model was faster than measured temperature data, in part due to temperature sensor dynamic response. The model predicts the length-wise temperature profile within the building during misting, and can be used to investigate alternate misting strategies and designs. Further improvements to the model are suggested.

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Published in Transactions of the ASAE, v. 35, issue 5, p. 1623-1631.

© 1992 American Society of Agricultural Engineers

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The investigation in this article (RIS-91-43) is published with the approval of the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, Lexington.