Paul Cézanne's association with the dealer Ambroise Vollard made Vollard's fortune and contributed to making the artist famous. How much the dealer was responsible for Cézanne's fame (and the market it generated), however, is open for debate. There is no doubt that three Cézanne shows at Vollard's Paris gallery, beginning with the first, held in November-December 1895, coincided with the sharp escalation in the artist's prices. Other factors, however, also assisted Cézanne's market fortunes-including such landmarks as the purchase of a Cézanne landscape in 1897 by Berlin's Nationalgalerie. Artists, too, contributed at least as much to forging Cézanne's market as Vollard did. It is Cézanne's relationships with his fellow artists, and how they made have changed as a consequence of the Vollard shows that I want to explore.

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A presentation given at the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.