Recommendations contained in this publication are based on spoil tests values from testing methods used in the Central laboratories operated under supervision of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. Spoil test values obtained by other methods should not be used when making recommendations using this publication.

Recommended fertilizer rates have been made on rather limited data and they are to be considered as the best available and may be revised without notice. These fertilizer rates are based on assumed "average" climatic conditions and for "average" spoils. Rates should be adjusted upward or downward to reflect deviations from these "average" conditions. These recommendations were designed for two management or reclamation objectives: (1) establishment of grass-legume cover for erosion control only; (2) establishment of grass-legume cover for erosion control and hay-pasture production. The recommended fertilizer rates are for the annual needs by the hay-pasture crop and will not bring about a rapid increase in test values for phosphorus (P) and potash (K). By using these rates, it may likely take 4 years or more of annual fertilization to significantly increase test levels of either P or K. All fertilizer and lime recommendations are made on the assumption that representative spoil samples were properly taken. If spoil sampling procedures are questionable, estimated needs of lime and fertilizer are much less accurate.

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