A breeding soundness exam of a stallion includes not only examination of various seminal characteristics, but also, the evaluation of the stallion’s physical condition and his ability to perform in the breeding shed. The physical examination should include evaluation of the locomotor system, including muscular, skeletal and neurological factors, as well as the stallion’s visual function.

The most reliable measure of fertility in a stallion is the pregnancy rate he obtains when bred to mares of normal fertility under ideal management. Most stallions selected for evaluation include those about to be, or recently, purchased, those about to enter the breeding season, those suspected of reduced fertility and young stallions being considered for their first breeding season. The evaluation of the stallion for potential breeding soundness consists of 4 parts:

  1. general physical examination,
  2. examination of external reproductive organs,

  3. examination of internal reproductive organs,

  4. semen collection and evaluation.

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