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Degree Name

Master of Agriculture (MAgr)

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Master's Thesis




Agricultural Economics

First Advisor

Dr. Ani Katchova


While several studies examine the managerial structure of privately owned agribusinesses, few studies take a comprehensive look at publically traded agribusiness firms. Our study examines the historical position of agribusiness compared to the market, and then studies the impact of the global economic and financial crisis. The objective of this study is to pinpoint effects of corporate financial management strategies, commonly researched in financial literature on agribusiness firms’ performance. Through utilizing a quantile regression we find that agribusiness position in times of financial crisis is directly related to firm performance. As we examine internal factors, several interesting impacts of managerial factors emerge. These results are useful for agribusiness firms seeking to improve their performance, as we show which management strategies related to capital structure, and firm size are associated with an increase in profitability based on the performance record of the agribusiness. Additionally, we examine how these factors impact internal financial distress of the agribusiness firms. Our conclusions clarify the impact of traditional financial management techniques on agribusiness firms and lead to questions for further research. Ultimately, the presented research provides a foundational knowledge of corporate agribusinesses financial performance.