This field study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of an evaporative pad cooler for modifying the environment in a gestation house in Kentucky and to compare the measured results with the calculated performance of evaporative cooling systems. The building used in the study was a 68-crate gestation house, as described in Figure 1. The building was oriented east-west and was well insulated. There were no windows in the facility. It was fully occupied, throughout the study, with sows with an average weight of 350 lbs. A negative pressure system was used to ventilate the building with a 36" single-speed exhaust fan located in the east end wall (Figure 1). A 4' x 12' evaporative pad was located in the west end wall adjacent to the air intake. Shutters were mounted on the outside of the building to provide shade for the pads and to protect them during inclement weather.

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