The following list of questions are a useful guide to assess whether farm and/or home activities or the type of well contribute to polluting your private drinking water well. If you answer "yes" for one or more of the questions than you should begin a program of annual well testing. It is recommended that a coliform bacteria test and nitrate test be performed annually. The annual cost for these tests performed by a testing laboratory is $26.00. There is an additional test that is available that determines if there is the presence of organic halides (chlorinated or brominated organics) called a TOX test. This acronym is not to be confused with toxic. Organic halides include taihalomethanes (THM's), PCB's, pesticides, herbicides and other halogenated organics (such as solvents). The TOX test is recommended for initially testing a new drinking water source. It is also recommended to be periodically performed, annually if it is financially possible. This is an expensive test and costs approximately $75.00. Remember it is the responsibility of the private water source owner to assure the safety of the drinking water.

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