Owners and operators of livestock waste management facilitates should be aware that livestock wastes have been identified as a source of pollutants in Kentucky streams. In order to protect these water sources a number of laws and regulations have been implemented to restrict the discharge of pollutants from point sources into the waters of the commonwealth. The Division of Water (DOW) is a division of the Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet, Department for Environmental Protect ion and operates under authority set forth in the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and Kentucky Revised statute 224. The DOW is specifically charged with abating existing pollution, more specifically from KRS 224.70-110: "No person shall directly or indirectly throw, drain, run or otherwise discharge (pollutants) into the waters of the Commonwealth." The (KPDES)* program requires permits for the discharge of pollutants from point source-s into the waters of the Commonwealth {401 KAR 5.029 defines surface waters). Administrative regulations written to enforce the state statutes tend to be written for industrial and municipal discharge of waste into streams.

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