Year of Publication


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Master of Science (MS)

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Family Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Ronald Werner-Wilson

Second Advisor

Dr. Jason D. Hans


The present study examines three non-marital, romantic relationship dissolution types: (1) normal dyadic dissolution, (2) fatal attraction dissolution, and (3) social allergen dissolution among a sample of 321 emerging adults, who are between ages eighteen and twenty-nine. Results of an online survey revealed that normal dyadic dissolution occurred in 62%, social allergen dissolution occurred in 27%, and fatal attraction dissolution occurred in 11% of the participants’ relational demises. Results also revealed that there is a surprising amount of overlap between the three dissolution types, and that age is not specifically correlated with a particular dissolution type. However, there are two predicators of dissolution type within an emerging adult population: perceived family support and whether or not the couple cohabitate.